Funding Identification - Grant Writing - Fiscal Administration

Grant Management Associates uses a selective team approach attuned to each client that capitalizes on decades of collective specialized experience.

GMA's specialties are:

  • Grants - funding research, opportunity analysis, proposal design, grant writing
  • Budgets - development, justification and forms completion
  • Funding Identification - government loans, tax credits and incentives
  • Fiscal Administration - Invoicing, cash flow, amendments, and reporting Bid/Procurement opportunities;

We understand that many organizations lack the personnel that it takes to stay on top of new funding opportunities. They tell us that they don't have the time to attend to the numerous details in completing grant and loan applications or in following grant compliance procedures. Yet, for so many of them, grant funding is or could be a critical source of income. We work closely with organizations to clarify funding needs, introduce our clients to the funding agencies, research and influence funding opportunities, prepare grant proposals and loan documents, and provide project management as well as reporting process assistance.