Funding Identification & Proposal Preparation

Extensive research is required when identifying state or federal funding for sector specific projects. This effort should be tracked, prioritized and any contact with the agency should be recorded. There are many important steps an applicant should take both before submitting an application, during the application process and following the submission of a proposal. You need to research appropriate funding organizations.

  • Identify potential funders
  • Determine an approach, scope of work that is appropriate for each funder
  • Best not to submit a grant application to a funding organization that knows nothing about you
  • Cultivate relationships with these organizations via phone calls, visits, and/or letters of inquiry
  • Provide funding organization with a well-written proposal
  • States your objectives and sets forth a plan and budget for your activities
  • Don't expect to receive money on the first try or right away
  • Funding organizations often take many months to review and process grant applications