Funding Identification and Research

  • Discussion of funding needs
  • Funding opportunities report with recommendations
  • Structured research based on needs
  • Matrix Development and Review

RFP/FOA Review & Analysis

  • Complete review of funding opportunity
  • Written analysis and suggestions if desired
  • Initial and follow-up discussions

Proposal Development

  • Develop RFP Proposal Outline
  • Develop Key Considerations
  • Tie back to RFP Program Components & Scope of Work Activities
  • Information gathering & technical need identification

Grant Writing

  • RFP/FOA review
  • Review of previous related proposals
  • Draft and final proposal sections
  • Response outline
  • Information gathering & research
  • Packaging and submission if needed

Grant Proposal Editing

  • Grammar correction
  • Situation sense improvements
  • Sentence & paragraph review
  • Formating & presentation help

Proposal Review

  • RFP/FOA review
  • Oral comments and suggestions
  • Read, review & analysis of your proposal
  • Written and legal findings

Budget & Costing

  • Development of grant budget based on objectives & activities
  • Completion of budget forms
  • Development of budget justification
  • Cross-check of budget forms to line item budget & budget justification

Forms & Boilerplate

  • Completion of application, budget, specialty and certification forms
  • Upload of proposal components to governmental websites such as; and FedConnect
  • Insertion of standard data and background information

Program Evaluation

  • Complete Evaluation Reports
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis
  • Development of Survey Tools
  • In-depth Stakeholder Interviews and Focus Groups