Client Recommendations

Bob Gaffney
Partner, Advanced Emissions Control Solutions
"I was the point person for a response to the California Energy Commission’s GFO-15-605 Hydrogen Light Duty Infrastructure grant. I can only say good things about Grant Management Associates. Kristin, Ed and Danielle knew this was my first venture into grants, and as Kristin stated, “it was a monster”. Truer words were never spoken. I am a partner with Advanced Emission Control Solutions, and my partners are Bill Jensen, Ron King, and Mike Martin, are the main team for Robert V. Jensen, Inc. With GMA’s help, this complex RFP was done on time and within budget. I totally recommend GMA to any company or public agency looking for help in grant writing. It was a pleasure to work with them from beginning to end. Please call me at (559)285-8727 if you would like to speak to me about their work ethic."

Marco Aieta
Senior Vice President, Carollo Engineers
"Successfully competing for grants starts with the application process. Your changes of winning a grant are directly related to the quality of the written applications. If you want to improve your competitive position, there is no better way than to engage Grant Management Associated. They deliver!"

Thomas Tenorio
Executive Director, Community Action Agency of Butte County
"Kristin and her colleagues excel at assisting our team to plan and execute. Research, strategies and communication are comprehensive and inspire confidence in the results. Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative."

Richard Lowenthal
CEO, Coulomb Technologies
"Kristin Carter and her team at GMA have been spectacular partners to Coulomb. They are extraordinarily good at delivering quality work under the inevitable short deadlines."

Colleen Quinn
President, CQ Consulting New York, New York
"GMA assisted our company in a grant application before the California Energy Commission with Kristin Cooper Carter as the lead. She was a valued member of the team, bringing both technical and strategic advice and experience to the process. Most importantly, she kept the team focused on the critical issues and criteria at hand. There was a great deal of work involved in this application, and the firm was flexible and responsive throughout the process. I would highly recommend Kristin and her team."

Joe A. Bezerra
Emeritus Founding Executive Director of the California State University Agricultural Research Institute (ARI)
"I have successfully collaborated with Kristen Cooper Carter and other Grant Management Associates (GMA) consultants for about five years on a variety of research funding, grant and contract management, and program evaluation applications. During this time, I have come to greatly appreciate the individual and collective diversity and depth of expertise demonstrated by GMA’s professional associates. They are outcome driven and produce results."

Joe Tomlinson
Founder & CEO, PV Solutions
"GMA has really come through for us! Ed, Rande and Kristin, thank you all so much for your hard work and patience down to the wire assembling all of our knowledge and distilling it into a few pages, which aligned us around what needs to be done and enabled us to communicate it better than we’ve ever been able to before."

Campbell Ingram
Executive Officer, Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy
"Thank you for providing your grant writing, collaboration and, I’m told, your program evaluation expertise in the Strong Collaborations Make Successful Grant Awards workshop in Sacramento. You were very generous and we are very appreciative. Susan says more than half the attendees were from RCDs and your hands on experience made the training extremely relative to their current ‘unfunded’ needs."

Haresh Patel
CEO, SCS Renewables
"The GMA personnel took a level of ownership and sense of urgency that made it feel as if they were as vested in securing the grant as our internal team. Their attention to detail and willingness to be available at all hours of the day allowed us to maintain the momentum necessary to make our best case."

Jeffrey Mott
Director, Ecological Reserves, CSU, Chico
"I have worked with Susan Strachan and Kristin Cooper Carter for the past ten years on numerous projects. We have written many proposals together and executed several environmental projects. Susan and Kristin are the two most professional, talented, and organized colleagues I know. They are both well connected in the grant community and I wouldn't hesitate to work with them on another project. I continually recommend their professional services to others. Once you get to know these two women, you will also be recommending them to your business associates. I look forward to our next project together and I know others will be as impressed as I am."

Michael R. Fletcher
Northeast Regional Sales Manager, Titan America
"Upon meeting Kristin years ago it was clear that she was on the leading edge of her field. Whether she was teaching sustainability or applying it in a corporate capacity, the common thread has been Kristin is trying to make the world a better place. If I were to start a think tank, she would be one of my first calls.”

Robert E. Wallace
Executive Director, Concrete Promotion Council of Northern California
"I have had the pleasure of working on various projects with Kristin Cooper Carter for several years now, and time and again I am impressed with the high level of professionalism and dedication to the work environment she ably brings for the sake of progress. Additionally, I have worked alongside her giving several professional presentations at state and national association meetings and without question she exhibits excellent organizational, time management and speaking skills."

Juri Brilts
Grants Developer, CSU, Chico
“I have worked with Kristin Cooper Carter for several years while in the Office of Sponsored Programs at California State University, Chico. She is a highly motivated, bright and engaging professional who took an exceptional leadership position in working with diverse environmental constituencies in securing multi-million dollar CalFED water stewardship grants for Northern California. A truly creative genius and legislative wizard!”

Robert Meacher
3rd term County Supervisor, Plumas County
“Over the last several years I have worked with Kristin Cooper Carter and Susan Strachan on state water issues that have required extensive knowledge of water policy, legislation and funding requirements. Their work in these areas is top notch; their dedication to these important issues is unparalleled. They are strong, well spoken advocates for the north state.”

Cristobal Undurraga
Director Project Development, Calera Corporation
“We worked with Kristin in preparing some complex applications for DOE grants and she was a great partner in teaching us how to navigate the rules and put together a strong and compliant application. I strongly recommend working with her in any grant process.”

Mike Little
Founder and CEO, Stairways Recovery, Inc.
“I have had the pleasure of working with Melissa Uppendahl on two grant submissions to Butte County Department of Behavioral Health and the California Department of Rehabilitation. Both projects were fully funded bringing over $621,000 to Stairways Recovery Inc. Melissa has an excellent work ethic, attention to detail and superior writing skills. I highly recommend Melissa as a grant writing professional.”

Wendy Arienzo
CEO, Array Converter, Inc.
"PJ Shepard has rapidly acquired an understanding of our product roadmap, our company’s value proposition and our evolving needs. She has taken our badly written documents and awkward power points and transformed them into a lucid, coherent and technically accurate positioning statements. As CEO, I am pleased to say that I can retire from grant writing comfortable in the knowledge that PJ has my company’s interests covered regarding funding opportunities."

Jude Cassel Williams
President, Cassel Consulting Group
"Kristin Cooper Carter is the personification of excellence--in every stage of the grant development process. She brings a breadth of experience and a depth of understanding to any project, having worked with organizations, large and small, start-up and established. If there is funding to be found, Ms. Carter is the one to go to."

Eric Larsen, Ph.D.
Associate Research Scientist, Department of Environmental Design, University of California, Davis
"Kristin Carter was instrumental in getting us together on the most complicated grant I have ever been involved in my close to 20 years at the University. Not only was her work effective in a collaborative effort involving diverse disciplines and personalities, it was also fun. I would turn to her for any grant writing/negotiating that I would need!"

Greg DeYoung
Senior Vice President, Wildlands, Inc.
"I enthusiastically recommend Kristin for her abilities, ranging from business development to community organization and project management. I worked with her on a project that embodied a private sector approach to environmental problem-solving; it paired a for-profit ecological services contractor with a not-for-profit community foundation. Kristin is very adept within these complex, yet important, partnerships. She is one of the most energetic, creative, and open-minded professionals with whom I have worked. Her people skills are excellent and she is a catalyst, bringing the best from everyone in furthering excellent results. Kristin has a sophisticated understanding of environmental complexities, yet is results oriented. We need more people like her if we are ever to tackle our daunting environmental problems."

Mark Adams
President, NorthStar Engineering and Gallaway Consulting
"Grant Management Associates is our 'go-to' source to assist our clients for funding strategies, grant opportunities, and grant writing services. They have the experience and depth of service necessary in this very competitive financial environment."

Nina Suzuki
SLEWS Program Director, Center For Land-Based Learning
"Kristin Carter recently led a grant writing workshop for the Delta Conservancy group. As a participant I appreciated her generosity of time and expertise. She shared extensive knowledge about the process of finding, applying for and managing state and federal grants. The Center for Land-Based Learning has managed these kinds grants before, but I am fairly new to this work, so this was especially useful for me. Clearly speaking from years of experience, she shared her insights on the way things actually go, the kind of information that first time applicants will not know by reading the RFP or even the entire agency website."

Michael Moretti
Principal, Arrow Destination Marketing Group
"I am grateful for this opportunity to recommend Grant Management Associates. I have known and worked with Kristin Cooper Carter for nearly two decades and have in this time greatly appreciated her insightfulness, business acumen and personal integrity."

Jody Gallaway
President, Gallaway Enterprises, Inc.
“I have known Kristin professionally for many years and have sought her advice on numerous projects. She is the best in her field, tremendously creative and innovative. She shares my philosophy of honesty, saying what you mean, coming to the table prepared and treating customers as you would want to be treated. I look forward to a long and successful business relationship with Grant Management Associates and Kristin.”