Grant Writing Services. After locating and analyzing the funding opportunity for AltAir with a recommendation to pursue, GMA was then retained by AltAir in January of 2014 to prepare a grant application to the California Energy Commission (CEC). The purpose of the grant is to help pay for the costs associated with converting a closed petroleum refinery into a renewable biofuel refinery that produces renewable diesel and renewable jet fuel as well as usable byproducts. The refinery can utilize multiple feedstock types, making it extremely flexible. AltAir sought $5M from the CEC to help with the second stage of the conversion process after the first stage was capitalized privately and was already underway.


GMA assigned a team of 3 experienced grant writers who have previous experience preparing applications for the CEC. Supervisor (Kristin Cooper Carter) provided oversight of the application development process and all resultant documents, including quality control and editing. Team Lead (Ed Ober) provided day-to-day management of the application process, provided much of the writing and organization of the application narrative, development of a complex budget and oversaw the work of the 2nd Chair. 2nd Chair (Emily Symmes) provided support on various sections of the application and was responsible for development of many of the attachments including the greenhouse gas calculations and CEQA compliance. Team Lead managed the assembly of all completed sections into the final document and assembled all attachments and exhibits. Supervisor reviewed and edited the final documents. The Team Lead managed the submission printing, binding and delivery.


There were no significant delays in the project and the application was submitted by the deadline of March 25, 2014. The application was successful and received a notice of award in the amount of $5,000,000 from the CEC in July 2014. The contract is currently in the process of being finalized, and the Team Lead also has participated in that process by adjusting the budget per CEC’s requests. AltAir has also elected to utilize GMA to manage the grant award contract.

Case Study: AltAir

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