TCL’s partner, GMA, was retained by Electric Utility Consultants, Inc. (EUCI) in August of 2012 to provide training services to attendants of the workshop.

The training was held in San Francisco at the Hyatt. It was a three day training on the subject of Energy–related Grant Funding and Grant Writing. The program complied with the ANSI/IACET Standards and EUCI was authorized to offer IACET 1.0 CEUs for accreditation units. The attendees were from all sectors; start ups and large corporations.


Kristin Cooper Carter managed the client interactions and delivered the training program. The content for the training program was provided by GMA with CLIENT approval.


GMA generated all of the workshop content and materials. The content came from professional experience and case studies. The material was highly interactive. There was ample time for the participants to share information, obtain feedback and refine their work. GMA uses a lot of examples and gives students’ assignments to work on both separately and together. GMA also prepared handouts for the program to be reviewed concurrent to the session. The course was appropriate for beginners to intermediate writers.


After each section we would spend time actively writing components. Once completed we would review these materials as a group. All of the group members become “reviewers “of each other’s materials. From the session evaluations, this was the most important aspect of the training. After a few section reviews all of the students started to excel with their writing, both in content and transitions.


This training can be easily modified to meet multiple time frames The feedback on the training was positive with negative scores for the temperate of the room. Many of the students followed up with questions directly with GMA after the workshop ended.

Case Study:

Electric Utility Consultant

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