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Once in a Generation Grant Opportunity


$65 billion in broadband grants are available over the next three years to a multitude of different applicants in the public, private and nonprofit sectors to strengthen the nation’s broadband system. 


In response, Grant Management Associates has drawn from its team members’ a depth of experience in broadband and provides the expertise needed to apply for these upcoming broadband grant opportunities – The GMA Broadband Team.


GMA Recent Broadband Grants


This team has recently completed broadband grant applications for projects totaling some $160 million.


This includes broadband middle mile, last mile, fiber, satellite, microwave wireless and undersea cable for two tribes, a telecommunications company and a Fortune Ten corporation’s utility subsidiary.


Prepare in Advance to Apply


GMA currently has several broadband contracts with entities wishing to apply for known future broadband grant applications. 


It is important to prepare the groundwork and do the advanced “homework” needed for such broadband applications. Don’t wait until the last minute when these grant opportunities are issued. 


We are currently assisting with such preparation for a county government, a remote tribe and a utility electric coop with an ISP, among others. 


Most of these upcoming GMA broadband grant opportunities have known common elements that will be required on any broadband grant application.

Contact us for a free conversation with our broadband team leaders about possibilities and opportunities for upcoming broadband grant opportunities. 

GMA owner – Professor Kristin Cooper –

Mark Goldstein - Subject Matter Expert - Broadband - GMA_edited.jpg
Mark Goldstein

Mark leads the GMA Broadband Team. Within the last 3 years, Mark has led broadband grant preparations for projects totaling $370M, in multiple states.


He has served as project manager or Subject Matter Expert (SME) for numerous significant broadband infrastructure efforts around the nation and the world. 


Mark led the engineering teams that mapped the broadband networks for the states of Arizona and Utah for the National Broadband Map and has been a leader in the broadband strategic planning efforts in Arizona. He is the president of the Arizona Telecommunications and Information Council (ATIC), which is the leading broadband stakeholder group in the state. 


Mark helped pass legislation and created administrative governance changes that made Arizona the first state in the nation to provide its state highway rights of way for broadband fiber through an expedited approval process, and to create Medicare insurance codes that ignited the telemedicine industry in Arizona, one of the nation’s largest and most remote rural states.


Mark has a 29-year history of telecom and technology consulting projects for industry and government with a focus on broadband deployment and community engagement and utilization. Previous to this experience he led large engineering teams for the biggest medical device manufacturer in the world.

Hayley Stone pic_edited.jpg
Professor Hayley Stone, M.P.A – Senior GIS Analyst, Broadband Mapping and Gap Analysis

Hayley has over seven years of professional experience performing GIS data development and  maintenance, as well as data analysis at the Geographical Information Center. She has used  her mapping experience to assist GMA on recent broadband projects totaling $160 million. There is particular GIS broadband mapping needs analysis required in advance for these federal broadband grants. 


Professor Stone is part of the North State Planning and Development Collective at CSU Chico that manages two broadband consortia. As a result of these efforts, Frontier Communications and Plumas Sierra Telecom were awarded funding in 2019 for six projects totaling $21,843,673 to serve unserved households in hard- to-reach rural areas in the counties. In 2020, the Collective assisted five ISPs with 18 applications totaling $69,662,144.

Brad Zerbe – Broadband Grants, Education Technology, E-rate and Strategic Planning

Brad drafted the Digital Arizona Council’s 189-page statewide broadband plan and was one of five people who wrote the state's $6.3 million federal broadband planning and mapping grant, the second state awarded such a grant by NTIA. Other states were asked by NTIA to redo their applications. Brad was one of two staffers who coordinated the evaluation of over 100 federal broadband grants on behalf of the Governor. Arizona entities won $75 million in federal broadband funding. 


Brad coordinated the statewide Arizona broadband outreach program. He also co-authored a winning federal USDA grant on rural broadband availability and wrote a USDA study on rural and remote rural broadband. He served as the coordinator for the state of Arizona’s E-Rate education technology program and has graded technology grants in national competitions. Brad is the former political director for the nation's largest PAC, and finance director for the chairman of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee. He has worked for three of the nation's five largest financial institutions in securities and banking compliance. He recently helped GMA complete the financial sections of federal broadband applications for projects totaling $160 million.

Courtney Farrell, M.A. – Economic Development and Broadband

Courtney Farrell has over 20 years’ experience in economic and community development, project management, and funding development. She has coordinated development efforts and strategic planning sessions between cities, counties, government agencies, private companies, and nonprofits. She has been successful in securing a total of over $18 million in federal, state, and private foundation grants for Northern California jurisdictions, private nonprofits, and CSU, Chico. Courtney also has experience supporting rural broadband infrastructure and adoption projects and policy development and implementation. Over the last year, she and her team successfully secured over $12 million for broadband infrastructure deployments. Courtney holds a graduate degree from CSU, Chico and successfully completed the School of Executive Leadership training, University of Michigan, Ross School of Business, and the University of Arizona’s Economic Development Certification.

Susan Strachan – Broadband Grant Writer and Coordinator

Susan Strachan worked in funding development for rural broadband while at CSU, Chico’s Geographical Information Center. She wrote the grant proposal that funded the Update and Northeast California Connect Consortiums in 2016. Susan conceived, funded, and managed a research project that measured mobile broadband performance at all of California’s publicly owned fairgrounds, in order to assess the potential performance of FirstNet, the mobile broadband network for first responders. That project also assessed strategies for deployment of very high-speed internet capable of supporting communications during mass evacuations. Susan also received a project to measure mobile broadband performance in farm fields and a project to assess the potential to use water district infrastructure for the deployment of highspeed wireless networks in the Sacramento Valley. She recently served as second chair on GMA broadband grants totaling $100 million. She has won multiple eight-figure grants.

Debra Dowd – Federal Grant Expert

Debra Dowd has over four decades of grant experience and has won over $1 billion in grant awards. Deb often leads teams of GMA grant writers on very complicated technical grants. She is an expert in the federal grant submission system. She was key in recently helping GMA complete two federal broadband grants totaling more than $60 million. She previously ran the grant efforts for one of the federal government’s seventeen national labs.

Mary Jean White – Certified Grants Management Specialist (CGMS)
Post Award Grant Management, Accounting, Audit, Compliance and Reporting

GMA’s Mary Jean White (MJ) has over twenty-six years of experience in government program management, grants management, regulatory compliance, legislative process training, grant writing, strategic planning, compliance monitoring, and program remediation for public sector, non-profit, and commercial clients, and is a recognized Subject Matter Expert in grants management, Uniform Administrative Requirements (2 C.F.R. 200) and the Federal Acquisition Regulation (the FAR, 48 C.F.R. 31.2), as well as state and local procurement and compliance issues surrounding federal and state-funded programs. She is a hired consultant by federal agencies to train government employees in meeting their own grant reporting and audit regulations for managing winning federal grant recipients.


MJ also assists grant recipients in setting up the required accounting, staffing, procurement, and mandatory reporting requirements of federal and state grant recipients and sub-recipients for audit readiness. Her CGMS credential demonstrates dedication is a formal recognition of expert-level knowledge of the full lifecycle of grants management. Maintaining the credential demonstrates dedication to the highest standards of competency as a grants management professional. Mary Jean White worked for a Big Four accounting firm and has recently served as a GMA subject matter expert (SME) to the U.S. Justice Department in two recent grant fraud cases, helping DOJ win financial settlements in both cases.

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