FY 2019 Solicitation Phase I research topics for U.S. DOT

The FY 2019 Solicitation Phase I research topics for U.S. DOT Operating Administrations are listed on the following pages. These topics indicate the specific areas for which SBIR Phase I offers are to be considered for acceptance by U.S. DOT. The topics are not listed in any order of priority. Each offer submitted must respond to one (and only one) topic and/or focus area as described in this section. An offer may, however, indicate and describe its relevance to other topics. Offerors are encouraged to review Section VI. of this solicitation for scientific and technical information sources that may be referenced in the respective topic descriptions.

Federal Highway Administration

190-FH1: Vehicle Communication via Induction Paint

190-FH2: Innovative, Low-Cost Methods for Concrete Bridge Deck Assessment

190-FM1: Secure Motor Carrier Safety Data Information Exchange Using Blockchain

190-FR1: Portable Stiffness/Elastic Modulus Measurement System

190-FR2: Wireless Pore Water Pressure Sensor

190-FR3: Automated Detection of Broken Spike Fasteners in Wood Tie Railroad Track

190-FR4: In-Vehicle Highway Rail Grade Crossing Alert System

190-FR5: Improved Condition Monitoring of Traction Motors

190-FR6: Automated, Drone-Based Grade Crossing Inspection

190-FT1: Cost Allocation Technology for NonEmergency Medical Transportation

190-NH1: Automated Driving Systems (ADS) Test Data Interface

190-PH1: Inline-Inspection (ILI) Tool for Detecting Coating Defects/Disbondment of Coating

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