New! National Officer Safety Initiatives Program FY 2019 Competitive Grant Announcement

New! National Officer Safety Initiatives Program FY 2019 Competitive Grant Announcement

Our nation’s law enforcement officers face challenges and threats every day. The 12 percent rise in line-of-duty fatalities is a stark reminder that officers continue to be killed and injured as they perform their duties to protect and serve our communities. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted (LEOKA), in 2017, the rate of officers assaulted was 10.1 per 100 sworn officers, an increase from 2016’s rate of 9.8 per 100 sworn officers. Officers need to have the skills and knowledge necessary, as well as be tactically prepared, to perform those duties safely. They also need to be physically, emotionally, and mentally well and prepared for a career that can take a heavy toll on their lives, and those of their families. Protecting our communities from crime, including violent crime, is the responsibility of every member of our society. To more effectively combat and reduce violent crime, communities must partner with their law enforcement officers so that each may assist the other in achieving the goal of making everyone safer.

To support our nation’s officers, the FY 2019 NOSI program is soliciting applications for three new national programs:

  1. Innovative Approaches for Strengthening Officer Wellness

  2. Partnering to Reduce Violent Crime and Increase Safety

  3. Dynamic Defensive Tactics Training

Applicants under this solicitation must have extensive experience and knowledge of the officer safety, officer wellness, and crime.

For more information, please visit

Applications Due: May 21, 2019

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