NSF SBIR Program funding

What we look for

Here’s what we look for when determining which companies to fund:

  • Game-changing: Your innovation could make a difference to people worldwide or revolutionize an industry.

  • High-risk: Your product is based on unproven technology that needs further testing (and funding for that testing).

  • Market pull: You have evidence that your product or service could meet an important, unmet need for your customers.

  • Scale: If you successfully bring your product or service to market, it could form the foundation for a scalable business and make a large impact in your target market.


We can connect you with information about the companies have been recently funded.

Technology topic areas

Review this list of technology topic areas (sectors we fund) to see which best aligns with your company’s work. If none of the technology topic areas quite reflects your work, but you feel your company is otherwise a good fit, you can apply under the Other Topics (OT) category.

  • Advanced Manufacturing (M)

  • Advanced Materials (AM)

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Biological Technologies (BT)

  • Biomedical Technologies (BM)

  • Chemical Technologies (CT)

  • Digital Health (DH)

  • Distributed Ledger (DL)

  • Educational Technologies and Applications (EA)

  • Energy and Power Systems (EP)

  • Environmental Technologies (ET)

  • Information Technologies (IT)

  • Instrumentation and Hardware Systems (IH)

  • Internet of Things (I)

  • Medical Devices (MD)

  • Nanotechnology (N)

  • Other Topics (OT)

  • Photonics (PH)

  • Quantum Information Technologies (QT)

  • Robotics (R)

  • Semiconductors (S)

  • Sensors (SE)

  • Space (SP)

  • Wireless Technologies (W)

We can help you download a searchable PDF of the full list of technology topic areas that also includes descriptions of the subtopics.

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We have grant writing specialists that have years of experience with SBIR applications.

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