The Audacious Project is an invitation to dream bigger than you ever dared. No idea is too big or too ambitious — we're looking for ideas that can and must change the world. We believe that the most powerful ideas both inspire and convince.

Ideas that inspire:

  • Capture a bold, breakthrough vision that promises significant, enduring impact on a meaningful and urgent topic facing our world

  • Present a solution that challenges “business as usual” or changes the narrative in a provocative or surprising way

  • Are designed and led by brave and visionary leader(s) with proximate and relevant experience and who bring a distinct voice to our global community

  • Tap into fundamental human emotions like wonder, curiosity, outrage and joy

Ideas that convince:

  • Show evidence that the idea will have impact, including a track record of past success and confidence that results can be sustained in the future

  • Convey a believable pathway to scale or to a breakthrough discovery, with demand for the solution from those most affected and clarity about the resources required to get there

  • Are managed by a capable and confident team, ready to deliver on an ambitious plan amidst dynamic conditions

  • Have a clear understanding of potential risks and unintended consequences — and have plans for how to mitigate them

  • Are housed at a nonprofit, NGO or institution (or collaboration between them) that can receive philanthropic funds and has the core infrastructure necessary to support the work. (Note: Past projects have had an annual operating budget of $1 million USD or more.)


Given the significant volume of high-quality ideas we received after the launch of The Audacious Project in 2018, we are shifting to a rolling process for identifying and vetting organizations in 2019. This will allow us to revisit some of the most promising ideas in our existing pool and see how they are progressing, while also searching for new ideas.

If your organization meets the above criteria and you believe your idea is a fit for The Audacious Project, we encourage you to complete the brief survey below. If you applied in 2018, you are welcome to fill out the survey. Please indicate that you applied in the previous year and describe any progress or significant changes since last year.


Please note that given the anticipated volume of submissions, we will not be able to respond individually or schedule follow-up calls or meetings. We will review every submission on a rolling basis and the link will stay open all year; over time, we may contact a small number of survey responders to submit an application. We will also share these ideas (if you give us permission to do so) within our broader TED network, as we are always on the lookout for ideas worth spreading.

The shortlist for this year’s cycle will be notified by July 2019. The next group of projects receiving support will be announced at TED in April 2020.

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