DoD Opens 19.2 SBIR and 19.B STTR

From our friend Rick Shindell -

After a horrible start to the DoD 19.2/B prereleases, the DoD appears to be back on track as of May 31, 2019.

Our advice is to forget about the files DoD furnished via FedBizOpps (they were from May 2, 2019 and had no updates for the entire prerelease period), and start fresh from the DoD's SBIR site at You will find all the topics and instructions in updated form as of May 30, 2019, the Topic Search is working, and so is the SITIS system for communication with the TPOCS.

By our count more than 30 changes have been made since the original prerelease, (which were unreported to you until May 31) including 5 topics removed, as well as many topic and instructions language changes.

An easy way to quickly see which ones had changes is to go to and you'll see (under DoD Instructions) links for a list of modifications for both SBIR and STTR. Also, all the Word files under "Component Instructions" have the updated component instructions and topics for that component.

NOTE: Here's something neat for many Air Force topics (added after the prerelease): "Under Phase III in the topic description, look for the statement: "Lockheed Martin is interested in a possible transition of this technology. Awardees of a Phase I should contact the AF SBIR/STTR Program office at [email address redacted..] to obtain the Lockheed Martin Point of Contact for this topic." (Sorry to sound redacted like "Barr vs Muller", but we didn't want the Air Force contact to get junk mail).

The due date for the DoD SBIR/STTR 19.2/B remains unchanged at Monday, July 1, 2019 at 8:00 PM ET. It is suggested that you don't wait till the last minute to submit your proposal.

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