NYSERDA seeks applications from municipal water resource recovery facilities

Revised June 2019 - NYSERDA seeks applications from municipal water resource recovery facilities (WRRFs) that are interested in participating in a fully funded, year-long Strategic Energy Management (SEM) Pilot. SEM focuses on changing the culture of energy use within a facility. SEM takes a systematic approach to energy performance; facilities identify an energy champion and energy team, map their energy use, establish standard practices for energy management, identify and quantify energy saving opportunities, and track energy savings. Emphasis is also placed on the synergies between energy efficiency, water quality, system performance, process control, and how all improve through optimization. By participating in the pilot program, WRRF management and staff will gain access to training, coaching, and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing to continuously enhance energy efficiency. This solicitation is intended as an initial Pilot to expand awareness and uptake of SEM by municipal WRRFs in New York State. Participation in the Pilot will be offered to municipal WRRFs with an annual energy spend of $200,000 or more (all fuels). Pilot Participants must be willing to share results and lessons learned to further the Pilot’s objective of increasing the penetration of SEM in the municipal WRRF sector in New York State. Proposals due: September 11, 2019 by 3:00 p.m. ET For additional details and associated documents visit: PON 3844 Solicitation Detail Page Any technical questions should be directed to: Kathleen O’Connor energymanagement@nyserda.ny.gov

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