CalRecycle’s Rubberized Pavement Grant Program

Start now if you are intersted in CalRecycle’s Rubberized Pavement Grant Program. They anticipate releasing the Fiscal Year 2019-20 applications in late July 2019. Available funding will be $4,002,000 that is a reduction from prior year funding of $7,750,000. The reduction is due to the expiration of a temporary increase in spending authority that expired after fiscal year 2018–19. GMA can help develop an award winning grant application. Contact us soon.

We have clarified two programmatic areas:

  1. Regarding regional applications:

The projected reimbursement cannot exceed 80% of the total grant award for material used in a single jurisdiction, whether that jurisdiction is the Lead or a Participant. If at the end of the grant, more than 80% of the reimbursed material (by value) was used in a single jurisdiction, CalRecycle may adjust the reimbursement rate and maximum amount as if that jurisdiction had applied individually.

  1. If the solicitation is oversubscribed (more eligible applications than initially available funding):

CalRecycle reserves the right to partially fund or fund individual phases of selected proposals, and CalRecycle may fund an amount less than requested. CalRecycle may consider the historical performance of applicant’s Rubberized Pavement grants when determining partial funding.

The grant solicitation’s tentative timeline is below:

July 2019: Application Release

October 2019: Application Due

November 2019: Secondary Due Date (for Resolutions, Environmentally Preferable Purchases and Practices (EPPP) Policy, etc.)

December 2019: Grant Awards

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