Congratulations to CALSTART on the EV Deployment - Data Collection grant funding awarded by DOE!

The focus of this project is to collect operations and performance data on medium-duty (MD) and heavy-duty (HD) vehicles. This award is for $2.16M, over a 12 month time period. The number of plug-in and electric vehicle models in the MD and HD category has significantly expanded in recent years. Along with that, a growing number of fleets are deploying or are interested in deploying electric vehicles such as transit buses, school buses, trucks, and off-road equipment. With this rapid growth of electric vehicles in the market, reliable operation and performance data on electric MD and HD vehicles is needed to provide insights on usage and to support the ongoing research into the future deployment.

CALSTART is North America’s leading consortium on advanced transportation technologies. As a fuel neutral, non-profit organization, CALSTART works in partnership with more than 185 firms and organizations worldwide to expand a high-tech transportation industry that promotes clean air, greenhouse gas emission reductions, energy security, and economic development. CALSTART has been a leader in assessment and evaluation of MD and HD clean technologies with a number of data collection and validation projects. CALSTART has developed and managed more than $500 million in clean transportation programs in partnership with a wide array of government agencies.

We are proud to have been able to work with CALSTART and their team on this excellent application. This is a well deserved win. The information collected will be very valuable to the industry. In addition to vehicle data, analysis on charging infrastructure will be used to identify trends to better understand when vehicles are charged, daily demand profiles, and the cost of charging based on time-of-use pricing provided by the utility.

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