Recreational Trails and Greenways Grant Program - RFP Open now!

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The California Natural Resources Agency will be accepting proposals for the Recreational Trails and Greenways Grant Program from August 20 through October 11, 2019 via the System for Online Application Review (SOAR).

$27.7 million in awards will be funded by this program. Applicants submitting the most competitive proposals will be invited to participate in the next level of the competitive process, anticipated for mid-late December 2019. Projects must be completed by March 2024 (Project completion based on current appropriation information).

Maximum Awards Awards for individual projects are capped at $4 million. There are no minimum grant amounts.

Eligible Applicants Eligible applicants include local agencies, state conservancies, federally recognized Native American tribes, non-federally recognized California Native American tribes listed on the California Tribal Consultation List maintained by the Native American Heritage Commission, joint powers authorities, and nonprofit organizations.

Eligible Projects All projects must provide non-motorized recreational infrastructure development and enhancements that promote new or alternate access to parks, waterways, outdoor recreational pursuits, and forested or other natural environments to encourage health-related active transportation and opportunities for Californians to reconnect with nature.

General Requirements

1. At least twenty percent (20%) of program funds shall be allocated for projects serving severely disadvantaged communities.

2. Unless the project has been identified as serving a disadvantaged community, an entity that receives an award shall be required to provide a match of twenty percent (20%).

3. Projects must provide workforce education and training, contractor, and job opportunities for disadvantaged communities, where practicable.

4. Projects shall include the planning, monitoring, and reporting necessary to ensure successful implementation of the project objectives.

5. Measurement of greenhouse gas emissions reductions and carbon sequestration associated with the project is required, where practicable.

6. Grant funds cannot be used to fulfill any mitigation requirements imposed by law.

7. Projects should include, where feasible:

a. Efficient use and conservation of water supplies.

b. Use of recycled water.

c. Stormwater capture to reduce stormwater runoff, reduce water pollution, or recharge groundwater supplies, or a combination thereof.

d. Provision of safe and reliable drinking water supplies to park and open-space visitors.

8. Up to 25 percent (25%) of program funds may be made available to communities for innovative transportation projects that provide new and expanded outdoor experiences to disadvantaged youth.

9. To the extent permissible under the State General Obligation Bond Law, up to five percent (5%) of the grant award may be used to expand community access to the project. Funds must be used for capital assets with a useful life of at least ten years. Funding Priorities Projects containing the following elements will be given priority consideration in funding decisions:

1. Projects that leverage private, federal, or local funding or produce the greatest public benefit.

2. Projects that propose to use, where feasible, the services of the California Conservation Corps or certified community conservation corps (see Appendix F for consultation process).

3. Projects that include water efficiencies, stormwater capture for infiltration or reuse, or carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas emission reduction features in the project design, where feasible.

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