Low Carbon Fuel Production Program

Solicitation #: GFO-19-601

Purpose of Solicitation

California’s on-road transportation sector accounts for roughly 41 percent of the state’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and when oil production and refining are included, it is nearly 50 percent. The Low-Carbon Fuel Production Program (LCFPP), funded by the Budget Act of 2018, as amended by Senate Bill 856 (Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review, Chapter 30, Statutes of 2018), provides grants to California’s vehicle fuel production industry to reduce GHG emissions associated with transportation use and advances the purposes of Assembly Bill 32 (Pavley and Núñez, Chapter 488, Statutes of 2006) and Senate Bill 32 (Pavley, Chapter 249, Statutes of 2016).

All projects funded under LCFPP must reduce GHG emissions, further the purposes of AB 32 and SB 32, and must be located in California.

LCFPP will support new and expanded renewable, ultra-low-carbon transportation fuel production at advanced fuel production plants and help the California fuel industry, vehicle manufacturers, and operators work toward a low-carbon future. Providing support for more low-carbon fuels will reduce GHG emissions, decrease air pollution, and help achieve the state’s climate change and clean air goals. This support could help ensure California’s alternative fuel production industries remain competitive and operational, and the associated jobs remain in California.

This solicitation is consistent with the LCFPP Guidelines (Guidelines) that were adopted by the Energy Commission on July 15, 2019. The Guidelines provide details on how the Energy Commission will administer the LCFPP and includes information on program design, project selection, administrative requirements, project tracking and metrics, and reporting. The guidelines can be downloaded at https://www.energy.ca.gov/programs-and-topics/programs/low-carbon-fuel-production-program.

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