Habitat Conservation Fund/Deadline 12/30

Habitat Conservation Fund- California Department of Parks and Recreation

Who Can Apply? Special District, Town, City or County Government


Award Details: Approximately $2 million each year to cities, counties, and districts. The program requires a 50% match.

Total Funding Available: $2,000,000.00

Matching Requirement? Yes


Overview: The Habitat Conservation Fund (HCF) Program allocates approximately $2 million per year to the California Department of Parks and Recreation for grants to cities, counties, and districts to provide for nature interpretation and other non-capital outlay programs which bring urban residents into park and wildlife areas, to protect fish, wildlife and native plant resources or to acquire or develop wildlife corridors and trails. The HCF Program sunsets in FY 2019/2020.

Eligible projects: Nature interpretation programs to bring urban residents into park and wildlife areas, protection of various plant and animal species, and acquisition and development of wildlife corridors and trails.

Eligible Applicants: * Cities * Counties * Districts

The Habitat Conservation Fund Program encourages applicants to develop partnerships or cooperative agreements with such entities as federal, state, and local parks, non-profit organizations, local business groups, and schools, to maximize project opportunities and funding strategies.

Applicants will need to refer to the following HCF Application Guides to prepare application proposals: * Deer/Mountain Lion Habitat * Rare, Endangered, Threatened or Fully Protected Species Habitat * Wetlands * Anadromous Salmonids and Trout Habitat * Riparian Habitat * Trails * Wildlife Area Activities

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