ARPA-E Announces New Funding Opportunity to Scale Energy Technology

ARPA-E issued a funding opportunity announcement (FOA) for up to $50 million in funding for a new program, Seeding Critical Advances for Leading Energy technologies with Untapped Potential (SCALEUP). The SCALEUP program aims to support the scaling of high-risk and potentially disruptive ARPA-E funded technologies across the full spectrum of energy applications. Start-ups, as well as large and small businesses, leveraging subject inventions that have resulted from ARPA-E awards are eligible and encouraged to apply to the SCALEUP FOA. SCALEUP seeks technology that ARPA-E has previously funded for which the proof-of-concept R&D challenges have been addressed. Finalists selected for the SCALEUP award will demonstrate a path to viability and be well positioned for investment from the private sector (venture, strategic, philanthropic, internal, etc.). The SCALEUP program will work to advance promising energy technologies that require scale-up or pre-pilot projects to enable a path to market and ultimately lead to realized commercial impact. The SCALEUP award selection process consists of three phases: 1) preliminary application submissions, resulting in selection of semi-finalists; 2) semi-finalists who will be invited to submit full applications, resulting in selection of finalists; 3) finalists, who will be invited to provide oral presentations, leading to award selections. In addition, to support eligible start-ups and small businesses, the SCALEUP FOA offers an optional fixed-amount of up to $150,000 for the development of internal frameworks and infrastructure needed for SCALEUP projects. The deadline to submit a preliminary application is 9:30 a.m. ET on February 14, 2020. Additional information, including the full FOA and application requirements, is available on ARPA-E’s online application portal, ARPA-E eXCHANGE.

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