$1B to be awarded by DOT for the BUILD Transportation grants program

The FY 2020 Appropriations Act appropriated $1 billion to be awarded by DOT for the BUILD Transportation grants program. The FY 2020 BUILD Transportation grants are for capital investments in surface transportation infrastructure and are to be awarded PAGE 4 on a competitive basis for projects that will have a significant local or regional impact. Additionally, DOT will award no less than $15 million (of the $1 billion) for the planning, preparation or design of eligible projects. DOT refers to such awards as BUILD Transportation planning grants. The FY 2020 Appropriations Act also allows DOT to retain up to $25 million of the $1 billion for award, oversight and administration of grants and credit assistance made under the program. In addition to the FY 2020 BUILD funds, unobligated TIGER FY 2017 and FY 2018 BUILD funds may be made available and awarded under this solicitation to projects that can be obligated before the September 30, 2020 obligation deadline associated with those prior years’ funds. If this solicitation does not result in the award and obligation of all available funds, DOT may publish additional solicitations.

The FY 2020 Appropriations Act allows up to 20 percent of available funds (or $200 million) to be used by DOT to pay the subsidy and administrative costs of a project receiving credit assistance under the Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act of 1998 (“TIFIA”) or Railroad Rehabilitation and Improvement Financing (RRIF) programs, if that use of the FY 2020 BUILD funds would further the purposes of the BUILD Transportation grants program. 2. Award Size The FY 2020 Appropriations Act specifies that BUILD Transportation grants may not be less than $5 million and not greater than $25 million, except that for projects located in rural areas (as defined in Section C.4.(a)) the minimum award size is $1 million.

Eligible Applicants for BUILD Transportation grants are State, local and tribal governments, including U.S. territories, transit agencies, port authorities, metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs), and other political subdivisions of State or local governments.

Eligible projects for BUILD Transportation grants are surface transportation capital projects that include, but are not limited to: (1) highway, bridge, or other road projects eligible under title 23, United States Code; (2) public transportation projects eligible under chapter 53 of title 49, United States Code; (3) passenger and freight rail transportation projects; (4) port infrastructure investments (including inland port infrastructure and land ports of entry); (5) intermodal projects; and (6) projects investing in surface transportation facilities that are located on tribal land and for which title or maintenance responsibility is vested in the Federal Government.

(b) Planning Projects Activities eligible for funding under BUILD Transportation planning grants are related to the planning, preparation, or design—including environmental analysis, feasibility studies, and other pre-construction activities—of eligible surface transportation capital projects described in Section C.3. (a). In addition, eligible activities related to multidisciplinary projects or regional planning may include: (1) Development of master plans, comprehensive plans, or corridor plans; (2) Planning activities related to the development of a multimodal freight corridor, including those that seek to reduce conflicts with residential areas and with passenger and non-motorized traffic; (3) Development of port and regional port planning grants, including State-wide or multi-port planning within a single jurisdiction or region; (4) Risk assessments and planning to identify vulnerabilities and address the transportation system’s ability to withstand probable occurrence or recurrence of an emergency or major disaster.

Applications must be submitted by 5:00 PM E.D.T. on May 18, 2020.

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