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Accelerate CA: Inclusive Innovation Hub Program Round 2

Opportunity Title:

Accelerate CA: Inclusive Innovation Hub Program Round 2


The Accelerate California: Inclusive Innovation Hub Program will designate a total of thirteen (13) Accelerate California Hubs. A total of seven (7) designations were made in the first round of applications. Six (6) designations remain for awarding in this second round.

An Accelerate California: Inclusive Innovation Hub (Accelerate CA Hub) may do all of, but shall not be limited to the following:

• Provide low and/or no-cost technical assistance to innovation-based enterprises, early-stage companies and startups seeking non-dilutive funding, debt funding, as well as equity funding via angel and/or venture capital. An Accelerate CA Hub shall make every effort to ensure services are accessible and equitably available to underserved geographic areas and underserved business owners. An Accelerate CA Hub will work to expand partnerships and relationships with the investment community to ensure Accelerate CA Hub companies have access to potential funding opportunities via pitch competitions, investor screening, etc.

• Develop and/or leverage an existing innovation-focused ecosystem aimed at providing subject matter expertise, mentorship, access to resources, and engagement with regional partners to ensure equitable access to the Accelerate CA Hub, including, but not limited to, state universities and research institutes, angel and venture capital groups, incubators and accelerators, state community colleges, local governments, state and federal technical assistance providers, private industry, workforce investment boards and agencies, small business and microenterprise development organizations, economic development organizations, community-based organizations, and chambers of commerce.

• Develop inclusive innovation focused programming that is aimed at facilitating the transformation of invention to impact and supporting the growth and development of high scale and/or high growth companies including, but not limited to: the entrepreneurial mindset, launching new entrepreneurial ventures, managing a growing business, commercialization road mapping, bootstrapping your business, new venture opportunity analysis, commercializing entrepreneurial innovation, traversing the funding landscape, customer discovery and development, lean startup methodology, how to get “Investor Ready”, commercializing federal and /or university technologies, reduction of technical and market risk for a product, service, or technology through a trial or pilot, how to build a C-level team, how to write a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) or Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Grant Proposal, Commercialization planning, go-to market strategies and other innovation focused programming that coincides with the objectives of this program.


Business, Nonprofit, Other Legal Entity, Public Agency

Total Amount Available:


Maximum Award:


Application Deadline:

September 8, 2023

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