GMA is pleased to announce that ARPA-E recently added five new topics to the “Solicitation on Topics Informing New Program Areas,” a funding opportunity that enables ARPA-E to investigate potential new program areas. GMA is very familiar with the ARPA-E program and has been very successful in helping our clients to win awards through these soliciations. The program is designed to support early stage, transformative energy technologies. New topics include:

  • Insulating Nanofluids and Solids to Upgrade our Large Aging Transformer Equipment

  • Mining Incinerated Disposal Ash Streams

  • Waste into X

  • Direct Removal of Carbon Dioxide from Oceanwater

  • Direct Removal of Carbon Dioxide from Ambient Air

Full applications for these five topics are due at 9:30 AM ET on July 22, 2020. To learn more about the Solicitation on Topics Informing New Program Areas and apply for funding, email us for more information and a copy of the full solicitation package.

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