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Breakthrough Energy's Catalyst Program - Emerging Climate Tech - 2022 Financing Deadline 1/31/22


Breakthrough Energy's Catalyst program works with companies, governments, and philanthropists to fund and support projects that will reduce the Green Premium and replace carbon-intensive processes and technologies with clean alternatives.

Through this Request for Proposals (RFP), Catalyst will identify emerging climate technology projects based in the U.S. and its territories for project-level financing. In the coming months, Catalyst expects to issue additional RFPs to fund projects outside of the U.S.

Overview and Scope:

Catalyst invites responses from projects located in the U.S. and its territories across the following four technology sectors:

  • Green hydrogen

  • Direct air capture

  • Sustainable aviation fuel

  • Long duration energy storage


The RFP will remain open for submissions until December 31, 2027 (RFP Close Date). All Respondents seeking funding in the first half of 2022 must have their Part I Submission in by January 31, 2022, at which time Catalyst will undertake its first round of evaluations. After January 31, 2022, submissions will be evaluated on a rolling basis (no less frequently than semi-annually) until the RFP Close Date.

Submission Details:

Please read the RFP Document, which contains the information that is required for Part I and Part II Submissions, and complete the Intent-to-Bid form. Once the form has been submitted, an email with a Unique Respondent ID (URID), a link to submit Part I Submissions, and additional details will be sent to you. You will need the URID to support a file naming convention, which is detailed in Section 6 of the RFP document. Please use the provided link to upload Part I Submissions. Catalyst will then notify Respondents if they have been selected for Part II Submissions and/or Pitch Presentations after reviewing Part I Submissions.

Webinar Information:

An informational webinar will be held on December 14, 2021, to address RFP questions. A link to the webinar recording will be available on the website shortly after. Additional sessions may be added and will be announced on the website prior to each session.

Grant Management Associates has years of experience in funding emerging renewable energy and climate change technologies. Contact us today for a consultation on this opportunity.

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