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CA CDFA Community Resilience Centers Program $38M Available Due 2/27/23

Opportunity Title: CDFA Community Resilience Centers Program


Recent and ongoing climate events and public health emergencies impact every part of California. Such events encompass shorter-term events like earthquakes, extreme heat, mudslides, flood, wildfires, power outages, and disruptions; they also include longer-term events like the COVIDpandemic, sea level rise, drought, and rising temperatures. Due to historic redlining and cycles of underinvestment, communities across California face differential access to local community resilience opportunities including public health resources, clean energy infrastructure, and emergency response services. Given California’s range of geographies and biomes, diverse populations and their needs, and existing infrastructure, building local community resilience offers the most appropriate, comprehensive, and relevant approach for each community to achieve equitable outcomes in the face of climate impacts and disruptions. Since projects developed for and by community residents have greater success and are better designed to meet and effectively respond to unique challenges and opportunities, community resilience center projects and programming must demonstrate robust, inclusive, consistent, and effective engagement with residents throughout the ideation, development, implementation, and feedback processes.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture’s (CDFA) Community Resilience Centers(CRC) Program described here builds on this foundation, in alignment with California’s Statewide Adaptation Strategy and other efforts, to build local resilience across California communities. It is a priority of the CRC program to fund resilience center projects in disadvantaged communities and disadvantaged unincorporated communities, or sites serving these communities.

The CRC Program will focus on improving community facilities to enhance the state’s emergency preparedness capabilities, particularly in response to climate change. Funding shall be used to support infrastructure for emergency evacuation, shelter, base camps during emergency events, and critical deferred maintenance. Elements for this infrastructure may include cooling and heating centers, clean air centers, and extended emergency evacuation response centers, equipped with community kitchens, shower facilities, broadband, backup power, and other community needs during an emergency or climate events.

A secondary goal of the CRC Program is to equip facilities to provide long-term, year-round community services and activities to enhance the community’s resilience through civic, social, educational, and economic development programming.


  • Business

  • Nonprofit

  • Public Agency

  • Tribal Government

Award Details:

Total Amount Available: $38M

Maximum Award: $38M

Minimum Award: $5M

Submission Details:

Application Deadline: 2/27/23

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