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CA: CEC Bulk Grid Asset Enhancements for Grid Reliability – Due 02/20/24

Opportunity Title:

Bulk Grid Asset Enhancements for Grid Reliability


CA Energy Commission

Opportunity Number:

Departmental Grant ID: GFO-23-401

Portal ID: 52143


This is a competitive grant solicitation. The California Energy Commission’s (CEC’s) Distributed Electricity Backup Assets (DEBA) Program announces the availability of up to $150 million in grant funds for the purchase and installation of efficiency upgrades and capacity additions to existing bulk grid power generators in California that will serve as emergency supply for the state’s electrical grid during extreme events (as defined in Public Resources Code [PRC] section 25790.5[b]).

In accordance with the bulk grid assets in the loading order set forth in Distributed Electricity Backup Assets (DEBA) Program Guidelines, First Edition, this solicitation aims to fund eligible projects to strengthen electricity reliability and prioritizes 1) feasible, cost-effective zero- and low-emission resources, and then 2) feasible, cost-effective conventional resources. Grant funding under this solicitation is intended to accelerate project timelines and help fill gaps in the market that are preventing implementation of eligible projects.


  • Business

  • Individual

  • Nonprofit

  • Other Legal Entity

  • Public Agency

  • Tribal Government

This solicitation is open to all public and private entities. Applicants must intend to own or operate the eligible project.

Award Details:

Total Amount Available:



February 20, 2024

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