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CA Coming Soon: CEC Community Charging in Urban Areas – Anticipated Summer 2024

Opportunity Title:

Community Charging in Urban Areas




On March 7, the CEC held a pre-solicitation workshop for this forecasted opportunity. Here are the highlights from the presentation:

The goals for this funding opportunity are:

  • To bring chargers to disadvantaged and low-income communities with the fewest options for public EV charging.

  • Utilizing data from the Senate Bill 1000 report, we aim to target urban census tracts across the state with the fewest public EV chargers per capita.

Scope: Level 2 and DCFC chargers for disadvantaged and low-income

communities in urban areas.


  • Chargers must be located in:

    • Disadvantaged or Low-Income Communities

    • Urban areas

    • In areas below the state average for public chargers per capita

  • Chargers must be open and available to the public

  • Level 2 and Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC)

  • Technical and reporting requirements that are standard for CEC grants


Open to all public and private entities

Award Details:

Total Amount Available:


Maximum Award:



Anticipated Summer 2024 with a Deadline in Fall 2024

Grant Management Associates has years of experience with opportunities like this one. Contact us today for a consultation.

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