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CA-Dept. of Social Services: Infrastructure Grant: Minor Renovations and Repairs - 3/10/22

Opportunity Title: Infrastructure Grant: Minor Renovations and Repairs


​The purpose of the Infrastructure Grant Program (IGP) is to preserve, enhance, and expand access to child care and development and preschool opportunities for children up to five years of age by providing grants to renovate, repair, modernize, retrofit, or build new licensed child care centers and family child care homes (collectively referred to as “child care facilities”)

The "Minor Renovations and Repairs" portion of this grant is for minor renovations, repairs, modernization, or retrofitting of existing child care facilities to increase or recover capacity due to a declared disaster, mitigate future disasters, address needs related to health and safety, licensing, or the COVID-19 pandemic, and for other existing facilities for use as child care facilities. Funds shall be used to preserve, enhance, or expand existing child care spaces.


Eligible Applicants:

​As identified in Welfare and Institutions Code (W&IC) 10310.1, eligible applicants are limited to child care providers who offer child care and development and preschool program services in licensed child care centers and licensed family child care homes, as defined in Health and Safety Code (HSC) sections 1596.76 and 1596.78. Applicants may be non-profits, for-profit businesses, or Tribes.

Eligible Geographies:

​Eligible project sites shall: • Be located in the State of California and serve children and families in California. • Operate as a California licensed child care center or licensed family child care home for at least one year prior to August 1, 2021.

Etc. Please review the program link for full description.

Award Details:

Total Amount Available: $100M

Maximum Award: $249K

Minimum Award: $25K

Submission Details:

Application Deadline: 3/10/22

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