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CA Employment Development Dept English Language Learner Education and Training Fund – Due 12/11

Opportunity Title:

English Language Learner (ELL) Integrated Education and Training (IET) Fund Technical Assistance (TA) and Developmental Evaluation (DE) Program Year 2022-23 (PY 22-23)


Employment Development Department

Opportunity Number:

Portal ID:49676


The ELL IET Fund TA DE awardee will be responsible for providing meaningful TA and evaluation to ELL IET Fund PY 22-23 program awardees as they design, develop, and implement projects that expand IET course offerings across the state and accelerate employment and re-employment strategies for English Language Learners; and for conducting an evaluation that summarizes lessons learned and makes recommendations for future projects.

The ELL IET Fund TA DE PY 22-23 grant aims to increase equity and improve outcomes for ELLs facing significant barriers to employment and education by providing necessary guidance and support to program awardees in their development of successful ELL IET programs. Applicants are expected to base their overall approach on the Integrated Education and Training (IET) model and advance the work being done in this space. Accordingly, the ELL IET Fund TA and Evaluation PY 22-23 grant will fund the assessment, analysis, and improvement of those service delivery approaches currently associated with the IET models being utilized by the funded programs. The TA awardee will work in close coordination with (1) ELL IET Fund PY 22-23 program awardees, (2) EDD project managers, and (3) all other relevant stakeholders to conduct ongoing TA and evaluation and to complete a final evaluation report.


Business, Nonprofit, Public Agency

Award Details:

Total Amount Available:



December 11, 2023

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