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CA Energy Commission: Research to Support Climate Resilient Transition to Clean Electricity System

Opportunity Title: Research to Support a Climate Resilient Transition to a Clean Electricity System

Opportunity Number: GFO-21-302

Description: The purpose of this solicitation is to fund applied research that will support climate resilience planning for California’s ongoing transition to a clean electricity system in accordance with Senate Bill (SB) 100 goals.


This solicitation is open to all public and private entities with the exception of local publicly owned electric utilities.[1] In accordance with CPUC Decision 12-05-037, funds administered by the CEC may not be used for any purposes associated with local publicly owned electric utility activities.

[1] A local publicly owned electric utility is an entity as defined in California Public Utilities Code section 224.3.

Award Details:

Total Amount Available: $3.6M

Match Required: 5% minimum

Submission Details:

Application Deadline: 1/25/22

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