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CA – Now Open for Applications: Zero-Emission Freight and Marine Statewide Grant Funding

Opportunity Title:

VW Zero-Emission Freight and Marine (ZEFM) program


CA VW Mitigation Trust


This program is funded through the California VW Mitigation Trust, a program that provides $423 million to mitigate the excess nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions caused by illegal use of emissions testing defeat devices in VW diesel vehicles. The California VW Mitigation Trust’s funding advances low-emission vehicle and equipment deployment and accelerates the zero-emission transformation of transportation systems. More than 75 percent of the funds from this funding category are expected to benefit disadvantaged or low-income communities. For more information on the California VW Mitigation Trust program, visit the program website.


Individuals, businesses, nonprofits, or government entities

Award Details:

Total Amount Available:


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