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CA Strategic Growth Council - Regional Climate Collaboratives Program. Due 7/15. $8.35M Available.

Opportunity Title:

CA Strategic Growth Council - Regional Climate Collaboratives Program


All RCC Program activities must build the capacity of selected under-resourced communities within a region to secure funding for climate change mitigation, adaptation, and resilience projects. Regardless of selected strategies and activities, Applicants must ensure they address each of the following program objectives:

• Develop Actionable Plans and Projects: Activities conducted by applicants will lead to the development (or update) of local plans as well as climate change mitigation, adaptation, and resilience projects that can be implemented if project funding is secured. Grant activities will build the local network capacity necessary for Collaborative members to develop competitive grant proposals.

• Build Social Infrastructure: Applicants must demonstrate how the proposed activities will build enduring and trusting relationships across members of the Collaborative, residents, and other stakeholder groups, and how the grant will support better regional coordination on the development and implementation of climate-related projects and applications.

• Center Community Engagement & Decision Making: Applicants must work with community members and stakeholders through direct engagement. Applicants must involve residents and key stakeholders from selected under-resourced communities within the Applicant’s region in all phases of project implementation, with a focus on populations that have historically been excluded from decision-making and implementation processes. Applicants must also use proven methods of engagement to facilitate direct participation of community residents, including ensuring translation of meetings and materials, scheduling meetings at times and locations that are convenient to community members, and engaging community members in information gathering as well as outreach.

• Develop Equity-centered Processes: Applicants must demonstrate how the proposed activities will develop or improve local processes for under-resourced community residents, community-based organizations, and Tribes to co-lead decisions made about climate change-related priorities and projects at the local and/or regional level.


Eligible applicants for a Collaborative include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

• California Native American Tribes

• Community-based organizations

• Joint powers authorities

• Local government agencies

• Nonprofits and foundations

• Small businesses

• Other organizations with a history of providing community-based outreach or technical assistance

Total Amount Available:


Maximum Award:


Minimum Award:


Application Deadline:

Pre-Proposals Due July 15, 2022

Full Applications Due October 7, 2022

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