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CA Workforce Development Board - High Road Training Partnerships: Resilient Workforce Fund Program.

Opportunity Title:

High Road Training Partnerships: Resilient Workforce Fund Program


The California Workforce Development Board (CWDB) is pleased to announce a rolling fund to advance a field of practice that simultaneously addresses urgent questions of income inequality, economic competitiveness, and climate change through regional skills strategies designed to support economically and environmentally resilient communities across the state.

The CWDB understands long-term, low-wage work is a significant problem for the future of California and seeks to build systems to promote access and advancement to better-paying jobs. This initiative will continue to tackle this issue by focusing on industry as an organizing principle, and building partnerships that develop skills employers need in ways that secure stronger economic opportunities for low-income workers.


Business, Individual, Nonprofit, Public Agency, Tribal Government

Industry-based training providers

Industry-based intermediaries including industry associations

Labor organizations and labor-management partnerships

Community-based organizations and non-profit organizations

California Department of Education – Local Educational Agencies

California Community College Districts

California State Registered Apprenticeship Programs

Workforce intermediaries

Total Amount Available:


Application Deadline:


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