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California Dept. of Fish & Wildlife: Prop 1 Restoration Grant Programs (Due 3/4/22)

Opportunity Title: Proposition 1: Restoration Grant Programs


The Watershed Restoration Grant Program will fund multi-benefit projects of statewide importance outside of the Delta. Projects must be consistent with the purposes of Propositions 1, and contribute to implementation of the California Water Action Plan. In addition, CDFW is seeking projects that contribute to implementation of State Wildlife Action Plan, Sacramento Valley Salmon Resiliency Strategy, Safeguarding California Plan, Central Valley Flood Protection Plan Conservation Strategy, California Biodiversity Initiative, state and federal recovery plans, or other relevant state and federal plans. This solicitation also focuses on projects that address impacts from recent wildfires throughout California.


California Water Code (CWC) Sections 79702(p), 79702(s), and 79712 define the entities eligible to apply for this Proposition 1 grant funding. The following entity types are eligible for funding: state and local public agencies within California, federally recognized Indian tribes and State Indian tribes listed on the Native American Heritage Commission’s California Tribal Consultation List, non-profit organizations, and public utilities and mutual water. Other entities that are not eligible for funding under this Solicitation may work as subcontractors for an eligible applicant. To be eligible for Proposition 1 funding, projects must provide ecosystem benefits that are greater than required applicable environmental mitigation measures or compliance obligations (CWC §§ 79737(e), and 79738 (f)).

Award Details:

Total Amount Available: $31M

Submission Details:

Application Deadline: 3/4/22

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