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CalRecycle - Organics Grant Program - $154M Available - Due 4/20/23

Opportunity Title:

Organics Grant Program


The Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) administers the Organics Grant Program to provide opportunities to further the purposes of the California Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32) and lower overall greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by expanding existing capacity or establishing new facilities in California to reduce the amount of California-generated green materials, food materials, or alternative daily cover (ADC) being sent to landfills.


  • Local governments:

    • Cities, counties, and cities and counties as defined in Public Resources Code section 30109.

    • Regional or local sanitation agencies, waste agencies, or Joint Powers Authorities.

  • Private, for-profit entities. For purposes of this program, a “private, for-profit entity” is defined as a business intended to operate at a profit and return a profit to its owners. Private entities must be authorized to conduct business in the State of California, by either being registered with the California Secretary of State as a business located in California, being registered as a foreign (out–of–state or out–of–country) business or processing a business license issued by a California city, county, or city and county. The business must be qualified to do business in California and be in good standing with all applicable California state agencies, including, but not limited to, the Secretary of State and the Franchise Tax Board. Any and all subsidiaries, divisions or affiliated businesses are considered part of the primary business entity for the purpose of applying for and receiving a grant award under the program. A business is considered an “affiliated business” if it has at least one owner with a forty (40) percent or greater interest in another applicant business.

  • State agencies (including offices, departments, bureaus, and boards).

  • The University of California campuses, the California State University campuses, or California Community Colleges campuses.

  • Nonprofit organizations (except private schools) registered with the federal government under 501(c)3, (c)4, (c)6 or (c)10 of the Internal Revenue Code. Must be qualified to do business in California and be in good standing with all applicable California state agencies, including being registered and current in the Registry of Charitable Trusts.

  • Qualifying Native American Tribes.

    • A Qualifying Native American Tribes is defined as a Native American tribe, band, nation or other organized group or community, residing within the borders of California, which:

      1. is recognized for special programs and services provided by the United States to Native Americans because of the status of its members as Native Americans; or

      2. can establish that it is a government entity, and which meets the criteria of the grant program.

Award Details:

Total Amount Available: $154,960,671

Submission Details:

Application Deadline: 4/20/23

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