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APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN! February 25 - March 19 California clean energy entrepreneurs can receive up to $300k of testing to de-risk their innovations at world-class facilities LY Are you a clean energy entrepreneur ready to test your hardware or integrated technology in a world-class laboratory? Funded by the California Energy Commission, CalTestBed provides testing vouchers worth up to $300,000 to clean energy entrepreneurs based in California. The voucher recipients will test their innovations at 1 of 60 participating testbeds at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and University of California campuses. Start preparing your application by reviewing the 2021 Application Manual to determine your eligibility and review the questions in advance. 1 Application Manual What do CalTestBed voucher recipients receive? TESTING A testing voucher for up to $300,000, that covers the cost of testing & validating the technology at 1 of the 60 facilities.

NETWORK Inclusion to the CalTestBed network of clean energy entrepreneurs, accelerators, industry experts, prospective partners, utilities & world-class laboratories.

  • Inclusion in the CalTestBed Entrepreneur Directory to highlight the team and innovation.

  • Opportunity to present to the network of next-level partners, experienced clean energy experts, utilities & more at the annual CalTestBed Symposium.

  • Learn about the latest events, funding and partnership opportunities through the Empower Innovation Network platform.

Voucher recipients request their preferred laboratory with the capabilities that best fit their testing needs from the CalTestBed Facilities Directory. Testbed Facilities Directory If you have any questions, please contact

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