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February 25 - March 19

California clean energy entrepreneurs can receive up to $300k of testing to de-risk their innovations at world-class facilities

Are you a clean energy entrepreneur ready to test your hardware or integrated technology in a world-class laboratory?

Funded by the California Energy Commission, CalTestBed provides testing vouchers worth up to $300,000 to clean energy entrepreneurs based in California. The voucher recipients will test their innovations at 1 of 60 participating testbeds at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and 9 University of California campuses.

Start preparing your application by reviewing the 2021 Application Manual to determine your eligibility and review the questions in advance.

What do CalTestBed voucher recipients receive?


  • A testing voucher for up to $300,000, that covers the cost of testing & validating the technology at 1 of the 60 facilities.


  • Inclusion to the CalTestBed network of clean energy entrepreneurs, accelerators, industry experts, prospective partners, utilities & world-class laboratories.

  • Inclusion in the CalTestBed Entrepreneur Directory to highlight the team and innovation.

  • Opportunity to present to the network of next-level partners, experienced clean energy experts, utilities & more at the annual CalTestBed Symposium.

  • Learn about the latest events, funding and partnership opportunities through the Empower Innovation Network platform.

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