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CEC - Responsive, Easy Charging Products With Dynamic Signals (REDWDS) Pre-Application Workshop 3/23

California Energy Commission (CEC) staff will host a pre-application workshop for the grant funding opportunity GFO-22-609 Responsive, Easy Charging Products With Dynamic Signals (REDWDS) from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 23, 2023. Up to $9 million is available to advance vehicle-grid integration (VGI) in California, and up to $300 million in additional grant funds may be available in the future to complete a second phase of work for agreements initially awarded funding under this solicitation.

REDWDS supports the development and installation of grid-friendly charging products which help customers save money on charging by automatically optimizing around electricity prices and other dynamic grid signals. REDWDS may support various customer classes (including residential, commercial, medium- and heavy-duty, and others) and charging product types (including unidirectional chargers, bidirectional chargers, charging software, aggregator products, and others).

A growing number of grid-friendly customer compensation programs are becoming available in California, including dynamic rate offerings, the Emergency Load Reduction Program, the Demand Side Grid Support Program, and others. At the same time, Californians are rapidly switching to electric vehicles. Electric vehicle charging has the potential to become a significant and flexible electric load. REDWDS aims to combine these trends to ensure that electric vehicle charging is easy for the customer, affordable, and grid-friendly.

This pre-application workshop will include a discussion of project requirements, funding amounts, the availability of a “phased” deployment plan, opportunities to involve community-based organizations and other entities, project deadlines, and other relevant solicitation details. The workshop will also include information on the recent updates to the state’s load management standards and accessing the Market Informed Demand Automation Server (MIDAS), both of which are referenced in the REDWDS solicitation.

CEC staff encourages attendees to review the posted solicitation materials prior to the workshop.

  • REDWDS solicitation materials

  • REDWDS workshop event page

Telephone Access Only: Call (888) 853-5257 or (888) 475-4499 (toll-free). When prompted, enter the unique meeting ID number below. To comment over the telephone, dial *9 to “raise your hand” and *6 to mute/unmute your phone line.

Webinar ID: 865 7558 6457 Webinar Password: 239193

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