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Christmas is coming...

Each year federal spending records are set in September.

Why? Because federal agencies have to spend their money before the end of the Fiscal Year (September 30th) - or they risk having lower budgets the following year.

Some refer to it as "Christmas in September". Others call it "Use It or Lose It" season.

The bottom line is this...the federal government spends between $2.5B and $3B every September for consulting and training...and about 20% of total dollars for grant writing are projected to be spent as well.

Funding Matrix – GMA works with the client to identify their funding priorities. From this we create a project list that is based on an initial call and the completion of the Funding Outline that we provide to the client ahead of the initial call. Then we complete a Funding Matrix of all the relevant funding agency programs and key staff people that align with the specific effort. We would then reach out to these staffers to see where we are able to gain traction. Based on the feedback, we would then prioritize our activities, developing a Funding Strategy that would outline the steps we would take to fund these programs.

Once we have identified viable funding we will analyze the RFP together to determine the level of effort that you may want from us and determine what level of effort your staff can put forward. I will send you an estimation of hours that we will use to assign work. This is a very transparent process, everyone will know what is expected of them and what they need to deliver in the process. We have done this type of work for many years and have developed a process that makes the grant work more palatable.

Contact us today to get your Funding Matrix started -

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