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Closed Loop Infrastructure Fund

The Closed Loop Infrastructure Fund accepts applications on a rolling basis and provides below-market rate loans to North American municipalities and companies to improve recycling infrastructure.

What We Do We fund replicable, scalable, and financially sustainable recycling infrastructure and innovation projects across four primary categories:

  • Collection

  • Sortation

  • Processing or reclamation

  • End product manufacturing

How We Do It

  • We provide zero interest loans to municipalities and below market rate loans to private companies.

  • Typical loan size is $3-$5M over a 3-10 year term. Please note that each asset-based loan is secured by collateral.

  • We invest in best-in-class operators who are leaders in their industry and primarily focused in the United States.

Our Investment Criteria Applications are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions reduced/avoided

  • Materials diversion from landfill

  • Applicant’s ability to repay

  • Replicability and scalability of the project or model

  • Amount of increase in access to or participation in recycling

  • Amount of increase in the recovery and/or reuse of post-consumer commodities (i.e., plastics, paper, glass, or metal)

  • Economic benefit(s) to the community(ies) served by the project or company

  • Ability for the applicant and/or project to leverage additional sources of capital

What You Get, If Approved Loan capital (with potential for follow-on investment), technical support and advice, access to our industry expertise and network, and promotion of your project as a case study example through our various communication channels.

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