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Coming Soon - CA Energy Commission - CA Electric Homes Program. $75M Available

Opportunity Title:

California Electric Homes Program (CalEHP)


Assembly Bill 137 (Ting, Stats. 2021, Ch. 77), codified in Public Resources Code section 25403.2, directs the California Energy Commission (CEC) to implement and administer a statewide program to incentivize the construction of new multifamily and single family market rate all-electric residential buildings, as well as residential energy storage systems, with funds appropriated in the Budget Act of 2021. The program is hereafter referred to as the California Electric Homes Program (CalEHP).

CalEHP is named in statute as the Building Initiative for Low-Emissions Development Program Phase 2 and is a separate program from the Building Initiative for Low–Emissions Development (BUILD) Program authorized by Public Utilities Codes Sections 921 and 921.1 (SB 1477, 2018), which targets new low-income residential housing.1 A goal of the CalEHP program is to spur significant market adoption of all-electric buildings and energy storage systems and other technologies that would not otherwise be constructed or installed.


Incentives are available for new all-electric residential buildings and energy storage . The program is available to new market rate developments. Buildings that qualify for the BUILD program, which targets new low-income all-electric housing, are not eligible under CalEHP. Incentive payments are available for new all-electric housing and residential storage that is above the local government’s and CEC’s Energy Code minimum requirements.

Total Amount Available:


CalEHP provides no more than $16,875,000 for administrative support and assistance and a minimum of $58,125,000 to be spent on incentives

Application Deadline:

This program is currently under development and is not yet accepting applications.

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