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Coming Soon: Cal eVIP Golden State Priority Project.

Opportunity Title:

Coming Soon: Cal eVIP Golden State Priority Project


CALeVIP's mission is to deploy electric vehicle charging stations quickly and efficiently to help meet California's zero-emission vehicle goals. The Golden State Priority Project (GSPP) provides rebates for purchasing and installing eligible direct current fast chargers in the eastern and central regions of California - with a total of $30 million in available incentive funds from the California Energy Commission (CEC).


Eligible applicants must:

  • Be a site owner or their authorized agent with a Site Verification Form submitted at the time of application.

  • Be a business, nonprofit organization, California Native American tribe listed with the Native American Heritage Commission or a public or government entity based in California or operate as a California-based affiliate.

  • Have a valid California Business License, except public agencies (e.g., municipalities) and joint powers authority agencies.

Total Amount Available:

Central Region Counties: $10,000,000

Eastern Region Counties: $20,000,000

Maximum Award:


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