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Coming Soon: CEC Green Hydrogen Roadmap and Strategic Plan. $800,000 Available. Release Date: 4/2022

Opportunity Title:

Green Hydrogen Roadmap and Strategic Plan


Develop a strategic framework that incorporates the ongoing and planned research, development, and demonstration efforts in California and throughout the world to advance the production, delivery, storage, and use of green hydrogen for targeted use cases. The proposed research will be complementary to and receive information from the parallel CEC gas program-and Fuels and Transportation Division-funded efforts as well as other green hydrogen research or implementation activities in California. Once the Roadmap is drafted and the highest priority elements of the production, delivery, storage, and end use of green hydrogen are defined, the grant awardee will develop a Strategic Research Plan that prioritizes future research and technical deployment activities that highlight the highest value areas that supports the future policy goals of California as defined in Senate Bill (SB)100 and the SB 100 Joint Agency Report. The Strategic Plan will provide recommended research activities to be considered in the EPIC 4 (2021-2025) and EPIC 5 (2026-2030) Investment Plans.

Total Amount Available:


Anticipated Release Date:

April 2022

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