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Coming Soon: DOE Carbon Capture, Removal, and Conversion Test Centers – Anticipated to Release by End of 2024

Opportunity Title:

Carbon Capture, Removal, and Conversion Test Centers



Opportunity Number:

NOI: DE-FOA-0003368

Anticipated FOA: DE-FOA-0003365


This Notice of Intent (NOI) seeks to inform stakeholders regarding a potential funding opportunity for the development and implementation of a facility or facilities for the testing of new carbon capture, removal and conversion technologies that can be applied to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from point sources such as electric generating units and industrial manufacturing facilities, remove CO2 from the atmosphere, and/or convert captured CO2 into valuable products.

The selected Carbon Capture, Removal, and Conversion Testing Center(s) would test individual or integrated carbon capture, removal, and conversion technologies to prove their technical merit, reduce technical risks, and accelerate the demonstration and eventual commercial deployment of a suite of carbon management technologies and processes.

Potential projects are cost share research and development projects that support a variety of carbon management technologies.

Anticipated Areas of Interest:

  • AOI-1. Carbon Capture, Removal, and Conversion Test Center at an Electric Generating Unit

  • AOI-2. Enabling Capital Improvements at an Existing Carbon Capture Test Center

  • AOI-3. Carbon Capture, Removal, and Conversion Test Center at a Cement Manufacturing Facility

Anticipated Release:

By End of 2024

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