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Coming Soon: DOE SOlutions for Lasting, Viable Energy Infrastructure Technologies (SOLVE IT) Prize

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SOlutions for Lasting, Viable Energy Infrastructure Technologies (SOLVE IT) Prize


DOE, American MADE Challenges


The SOlutions for Lasting, Viable Energy Infrastructure Technologies (SOLVE IT) Prize aims to help a growing number of communities identify and solve energy-related challenges in a way that works for them, while promoting wider, more equitable technology uptake. 

Communities across the country are faced with long-standing energy challenges. Clean energy technologies can help address many of these challenges while providing other economic, health, and workforce benefits. Through the prize, competitors will work collaboratively with stakeholders interested in community-scale (neighborhood-, town-, or city-scale) clean energy strategic planning to engage their communities, build a network of support for promising energy projects, and develop plans for carrying them out. 

Over three phases, teams will identify energy-related challenges, work with their communities to find solutions, then develop a credible path toward carrying out their plans. 

  1. In the Embark Phase, teams will show that they have what it takes to identify relevant energy-related challenges by demonstrating previous work with their community. 

  2. In the Engage Phase, Embark winners will engage with community members to craft concrete clean energy solutions to their challenge. 

  3. In the Establish Phase, Engage winners will finalize their action plans and work toward implementing tangible clean energy projects.


The competition is open to individuals, nonprofits, local government entities, economic development organizations, educational institutions, and other organizations with a history of successful participatory community-based initiatives. Of particular focus are disadvantaged and energy-burdened communities at the neighborhood, town, and city scale.

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