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Coming Soon: Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development-CA Community Reinvestment Grants

Opportunity Title:

California Community Reinvestment Grants Program


The CalCRG program awards grants to Local Health Departments and qualified Community-based Nonprofit Organizations to support job placement, mental health treatment, substance use disorder treatment, system navigation services, legal services to address barriers to reentry, and linkages to medical care for communities disproportionately affected by past federal and state drug policies, also known as the War on Drugs.


Nonprofit, Public Agency

Local Health Departments: Defined as any of the 61 California-identified local government health departments. Community-based Nonprofit Organizations: Defined as organizations established and focused on issues and concerns at the community level (neighborhood, city, county, region) that are representative of the populations or significant segments of the populations they provide services to in that community.

Total Amount Available:


Anticipated Release Date:

August 8, 2022

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