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Coming Soon: Washington Dept. of Commerce - Rural Clean Energy Innovation Program.

Opportunity Title:

Rural Clean Energy Innovation Program


The Rural Clean Energy Innovation Program marks a new opportunity for Commerce to support clean energy research, development, and implementation in Washington’s rural communities. Through Washington’s Clean Energy Fund (CEF), this program allocates $4.9 million to advance clean energy through a new grant program, carve outs for bioenergy and Tribal energy projects and a new workgroup. The program’s funding and different elements are broken down below.

Rural Clean Energy Grants

  1. Dairy Digester Enhancement Grant Program Application Open: (tentative) fall 2022

  2. Rural Clean Energy Grant Applications Open: (tentative) fall 2022

Rural Clean Energy Grants

Approximately $4.6 million is available for projects supporting rural clean energy. This funding is tentatively set to be divided into at least two distinct grant opportunities: Dairy Digester Bioenergy Grants and Rural Clean Energy Innovation Grants, which are tentatively set to open fall 2022.

The Dairy Digester Bioenergy Program provides funding for projects that enhance the viability of dairy digesters.

Commerce will be accepting grant applications in fall 2022 from applicants that own, operate and/or service anaerobic digesters located at dairies in Washington state. Approximately $1,843,000 will be available under a competitive application process.

The Dairy Digester Bioenergy Program provides funding for projects that enhance the viability of dairy digester bioenergy projects. This includes nutrient management systems that produce renewable natural gas and value-added biofertilizers, generate electricity and heat, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve soil health and air and water quality.

The Rural Clean Energy Innovation Grants solicitation is open to Washington-based entities pursuing rural clean energy projects. Approximately 20% is allocated to tribal governments, designated subdivisions and agencies. The remaining grant funds are available for any projects supporting rural clean energy such as those advancing energy efficiency, resilience and sequestration.

Total Amount Available:


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