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COVID-19 Private Sector Engagement & Partnership Fund

Current Closing Date for Applications: May 28, 2021  

Award Ceiling: $10,000,000

Agency Name: Office of the Secretary

Description: The U.S. Department of State, Office of Global Partnerships (E/GP) is pleased to announce the COVID-19 Private Sector Engagement & Partnership Fund (Fund) Annual Program Statement (APS) that will be used make assistance awards.. This APS is being done in partnership the U.S. Agency for International Development and concept papers may be transferred to the Agency based upon a determination of suitability for award and administration. USAID’s policies and procedures will apply to concept papers that are transferred to the Agency. This APS utilizes a two-step process. Applicants must first submit a concise (5-page) concept paper designed to clearly communicate their program idea and objectives. This is not a full proposal. The purpose of the concept paper is to allow applicants to submit program ideas for evaluation prior to requiring the development of a full proposal application. After merit review of eligible concept papers, selected applicants will be invited to expand on their program idea(s) by submitting a full proposal application. Full proposals will go through a second merit review before a final funding decision is made. E/GP has outlined the process through which potential applicants may apply in Appendix 1 to this APS.

Link to Additional Information: Link to Opportunity in SAMS Domestic

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