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CYMANII Cyber Innovation to Secure U.S. Manufacturing. Due 6/20/22. $350K Available.

Opportunity Title:

Cyber Innovation to Secure U.S. Manufacturing


CyManII offers funding for a wide range of projects. CyManII’s primary goal is to implement a national vision for manufacturing cybersecurity that unleashes U.S. innovation. The technical innovations that we introduce will drive a cybersecure and energy efficient U.S. manufacturing enterprise. CyManII’s intelligent transformation is critical if the United States is to be the global leader in manufacturing. By providing funding opportunities to make every single part of our combined ε-PURE secure manufacturing architecture plan become a reality, our collaborative projects like can secure the necessary transformation that will determine the future of U.S. manufacturing.

Trustworks-aaS is the CyManII program that will translate technical innovations to industrial applications and support a cultural shift towards cybersecurity in U.S. manufacturing. TrustWorks-aaS is a services-based organization that provides technical services and education to manufacturers in support of cyber-secure energy efficient solutions. TrustWorks-aaS will provide U.S. Manufacturers and stakeholders with resources to: (1) upskill their students and employees with relevant and meaningful content and experiences, (2) assess their systems for unique vulnerabilities and implement cyber-secure, energy-efficient solutions based on ε-PURE principles, and (3) explore localization of CyManII’s methods, approaches, and solutions to improving cyber-secure and energy-efficient operations within their enterprise.


Teaming is encouraged and will be considered during evaluation. A team may include one or more of the following: a training organization, an academic institution, a manufacturer, especially small- and medium-sized manufacturers, systems integrator, an app vendor, a machine builder or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). For any teaming arrangement, a lead organization shall be identified.

All team members must be domestic entities. To qualify as a domestic entity, the organization must be incorporated (or other-wise formed) under the laws of a State or territory of the United States with majority domestic ownership or control and have a physical place of business in the United States.

Maximum Award:


Minimum Award:


Application Deadline:

June 20, 2022

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