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Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP)

Program Description

The Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP) supports university research infrastructure essential to high-quality Navy relevant research. The research instrumentation that is necessary to carry out cutting-edge research.

Research Areas of Interest

Each year that DURIP is in effect, a complete announcement will provide detailed program information, including the deadline date for submitting proposals. DURIP proposals submitted to ONR should facilitate research in an area of interest to ONR, as described in the Science and Technology section. Potential proposers may contact the appropriate program managers, listed with each area of interest, to explore possible mutual interests before submitting proposals.


DURIP funds will be used for the acquisition of major equipment to augment current or develop new research capabilities in support of DoD-relevant research. Proposals may request $50,000 to $1,500,000. Proposals for purely instructional equipment are not eligible. General-purpose computing facilities are not appropriate for DURIP funding, but requests for computers for DoD-relevant research programs are appropriate.

Funds provided under DURIP may not be used for the construction or modification of buildings, building support systems (e.g., heating/ventilation/air conditioning, plumbing and electrical), or fixed equipment (e.g., clean rooms and fume hoods). Proposed budgets can include costs (e.g., machine shop expenses) for constructing, assembling and/or installing equipment, but the budget may not request funding for salaries of faculty, postdoctoral associates or students. Costs for continued operation and maintenance are not eligible for consideration. This competition is open to U.S. institutions of higher education with degree granting programs in science, math or engineering.

Proposal Evaluation and Selection

Proposals are evaluated competitively. The evaluation criteria are listed in the current program announcement.

ONR Program Manager

Joan Cleveland, Ph.D. Contact: Paula Barden Email:

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