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Department of Energy Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Upcoming Funding Announcements

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will stand up 60 new DOE programs for the next five years, including 16 demonstration and 32 deployment programs, and expands funding for 12 existing Research, Development, Demonstration, and Deployment (RDD&D) programs.

DOE looks forward to being a partner for states, communities, and industry as we move the U.S. economy towards clean energy, and lower carbon emissions future by strengthening the nation’s outdated energy infrastructure.

Coming soon, the DOE plans to release the following opportunities:


  • Carbon Storage Validation and Testing

  • Rare Earth Elements Demonstration Facility

  • Rare Earth Mineral Security

  • Solar Energy RD&D


  • Enhanced Geothermal Systems Demos

  • Direct Air Capture Hubs

  • Preventing Outages and Enhancing the Resilience of the Electric Grid State Grants

  • Hydropower RD&D

  • State Energy Program

  • Energy Efficient Transformer REbate Program

  • Extended Product Systems Rebate Program

  • EE and Renewable Improvement at Public School Facilities

  • Carbon Capture Technology Program, Front-End Engineering, and Design


  • Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs

  • Clean Hydrogen Manufacturing Recycling RD&D Program

  • Clean Hydrogen Electrolysis Program

  • Energy Storage Demonstration Projects

  • Long Duration Demonstration Initiative

  • Energy Improvement in Rural and Remote Areas

  • Critical Material Innovation, Efficiency, and Alternatives

  • Marine Energy RD&D

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